Cafe Chantant


Nobile 1942
Eau de Parfum
2.5oz / 75ml spray

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A cheerful buzz, burns of laughter, ladies in stunning evening gowns whose chypre perfumes are blended with gentlemen’s tobacco, ready to enjoy the show from their table in the front row. No matter what is their social status. The enjoyment of the pleasure, a genuine joie de vivre towards the end of the nineteenth century, following a wave of optimism, regenerating the great European capitals.

First the season of the Parisian Café Chantant then the shows influenced the Italian artists. Writers and artists of great fame became hunters of the most popular Italian Café Chantant. Even ladies regularly attending the Cafes had fun by imitating the gestures and clothing of those women who drove their men so crazy … the Sciantose. A full-Italian folk, in which flavor delivers pleasure to everyone. Cafe Chantant was launched in 2013.


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